The Circularity of Material

‘However, the instant the criterion of genuiness in art production failed, the entire social function of art underwent an uphearal. Rather than being underpinned by ritual, it came to be underpinned by a different practice: Politics’

- Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, 1935.

You are standing in the city centre but there is no sound of whirring or revving engines - but you can hear the hum of the self-driving cars circulating the city. You see a news flash brighten up the screen in front of you: ‘THE LAST SUPPLY OF PETROL FOUND’. 

The petrol station is abandoned as petrol is no longer needed. We must give back the petrol that we once took; a gift to back to the origin, the ground.  The simplicity of the anachronistic object and motion is designed to encourage participants to understand the intelligible action. The new skin will be the political space; a place of thought and reflection.